Ingram hails victory for Garlaff protestors

The Scottish Parliaments Public Petitions Committee today (Tuesday) agreed to the request of the anti-dumping campaigners to call on the Scottish Executive to initiate a moratorium on further dumping of foot and mouth pyre ash at Garlaff until all options for the safe disposal of the ash are reviewed. South of Scotland SNP MSP Adam Ingram, who presented the petitioner's case to the committee, said:

"I am absolutely delighted that the Petitions Committee share our concerns about the Executive's decision. They were particularly disturbed that Ministers had ignored local opinion and the democratically expressed wishes of East Ayrshire Council to impose their will.

"The Committee unanimously agreed to request the Executive to stop dumping pending a review. This is a victory for local anti-dumping campaigners. I sincerely hope the Executive and Ministers involved do not compound previous errors by flouting a Parliamentary Committee as well as East Ayrshire Council and the public of Cumnock and Doon Valley."

On hearing the decision of the Public Petitions Committee Cllr Julie Faulds, spokesperson for the anti-dumping campaigners said:

"This is a victory for the people of Cumnock and Doon Valley who have had their wishes ignored on this matter. Hopefully now the Executive will start to take our concerns seriously.

"This has been a farce from the start and it should never have had to go this far for local people to have their voices heard on this matter. Council opposition fell on deaf ears and it has taken local people to take this issue forward. The Executive must start to listen if it is not to disillusion the people of this area even more."

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