The inside track

 "Local government is an essential element in the overall good governance of Scotland"

Mar 8th, 2013

Nicola Sturgeon sets out her vision of a Scotland where no child will be disadvantaged by poverty.

Mar 7th, 2013

SNP Depute Leader and Deputy First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon has spoken to the European Policy Centre in Brussels.

Feb 26th, 2013

Rural Affairs Secretary Richard Lochhead pledges support for meat industry to maximise potential.

Feb 12th, 2013

The independent expert commissioned by the UK Government to determine Scotland’s legal position following independence has accepted that the 18-month period set out by the Scottish Government for the negotiation of Scotland’s independence in the wake of a “Yes” vote is...

Feb 11th, 2013

The Budget Bill confirms the spending plans that are set out in the draft budget and underpins the approach this Government is taking to promote sustainable economic growth

Feb 6th, 2013
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Scotland's new independence poll question has won support from both sides of the debate.


Jan 31st, 2013

First Minister Alex Salmond has delivered the inaugural Jimmy Reid Foundation annual lecture, entitled "addressing alienation - the opportunity of independence"

Jan 29th, 2013

A poll published by the Sunday Times shows support for the SNP remains at exactly the same levels as in the 2011 landslide election victory - almost six years into our term in Government.

Jan 27th, 2013

A sharp rise in the value of exports from Scotland’s utilities sector has underlined the growing opportunities that the renewable energy sector is providing to Scotland’s economy

Jan 27th, 2013