The inside track

A poll published by the Sunday Times shows support for the SNP remains at exactly the same levels as in the 2011 landslide election victory - almost six years into our term in Government.

Jan 27th, 2013

A sharp rise in the value of exports from Scotland’s utilities sector has underlined the growing opportunities that the renewable energy sector is providing to Scotland’s economy

Jan 27th, 2013

Below is the speech given by the Deputy First Minister in Dublin to the British-Irish Chamber of Commerce

Jan 25th, 2013

The First Minister writes here about the Westminster Parliament concluding its consideration of the Section 30 order and why one of the first duties of the parliament of an independent Scotland would be to establish a convention to draw up a written constitution.

Jan 16th, 2013

Finance Secretary John Swinney writes here about how an independent Scotland will be able to strengthen its competitive business environment and create a business culture that specifically meets the needs of innovators and entrepreneurs.

Jan 16th, 2013

First Minister and SNP Party Leader Alex Salmond discusses the coming year, saying 2013 will answer the big questions on Scotland's future.

Jan 13th, 2013

An expert group which will advise on how a fairer welfare system can be introduced in an independent Scotland has been unveiled by Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon - a welfare system which protects the vulnerable and supports Scottish households.

Jan 8th, 2013

The SNP’s membership has surged by almost a quarter during 2012. Up-to-date figures published by the party find that – at the end of 2012, there are now 24,732 members. This compares to 20,139 at this point last year – a rise of 22.8%.

Dec 31st, 2012

The First Minister’s New Year message highlighted the restoration of free higher education as an example of the kind of difference that could be made in areas such as social security and foreign affairs following the referendum in 2014.

Dec 31st, 2012

SNP Depute Leader and Scotland's Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has called on both sides of the independence debate to conduct the argument over the constitutional future of Scotland in a positive way that encourages people in Scotland to make an informed choice in the autumn 2014...

Dec 30th, 2012