The inside track

Deputy First Minister on the "the benefits and possibilities of independence", and the "two futures" facing Scotland under either a Yes or No vote in the referendum.

May 13th, 2013

An article by Alex Salmond on currency in an independent Scotland, which appeared in the Mail on Sunday on 5 May 2013.

May 7th, 2013

First Minister and Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond celebrated the life and legacy of Brian Adam MSP at today's funeral service in Aberdeen. Mr Salmond said:

May 3rd, 2013

"The pound is Scotland’s currency" appeared in the Sunday Herald on 28 April 2013.

Apr 28th, 2013
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A statement from the family of Brian Adam MSP, and the First Minister and Leader of the SNP, Alex Salmond MSP.

Apr 25th, 2013

First Minister, Alex Salmond, has turned up the heat on Chancellor George Osborne, describing him as a ‘downgraded Chancellor without a remaining shred of credibility.’

Apr 21st, 2013

First Minister Alex Salmond addressed the Princeton University symposium on The Wealth and Wellbeing of Nations during Scotland Week.

Apr 7th, 2013

Prime Minister out of touch with Scotland

Apr 5th, 2013

“We welcome this contribution to the debate on Scotland’s fiscal position, although the corrections issued perhaps indicate that the CPPR’s analysis is not yet finalised. ..

Mar 26th, 2013

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon MSP addresses SNP Spring Conference 2013 in Inverness.

Mar 24th, 2013