SNP leading cross party action on fuel

SNP Treasury Spokesperson Stewart Hosie discusses the SNP led campaign at Westminster to call a halt to a further hike in fuel prices.

The lack of action on fuel prices was one of the biggest issues missing in the Chancellor’s budget this year. High fuel prices have hammered households and businesses for too long, and are hampering economic recovery. The impact is felt particularly badly in rural areas, and cuts across key sectors of the economy including buses, road hauliers, farmers and small businesses such as grocers.

We have already seen u-turns from the Chancellor on the pasty tax, caravans and charities. There is massive popular support for another u-turn on the crucial issue of fuel duty, from both inside and outside the chamber.

The SNP have drafted a clause which, if agreed, will amend the budget to cancel  the 3 pence fuel duty rise planned for August. We already have the highest fuel duty rates in Europe so another rise at this time of double-dip recession would be economic madness.

The cross party support for this move, backed by campaigners fairfuel UK, is astonishing.

MPs from nine political parties and one independent, have already agreed to support the clause, which will be tabled at the earliest opportunity. The support reflects the mood across the country that fuel prices must be brought under control.
Over the next few weeks we will be working with Fairfuel UK to build even more support, and force the Treasury to rethink the planned autumn rise.
In the long term a fuel duty regulator would help protect from volatile fuel prices – but in the short term we can take immediate action by scrapping the further 3 pence rise.

High fuel prices are choking back economic growth - a report for fairfuelUK by the Centre for Economics and Business Research suggested a 2.5 pence reduction in fuel duty would boost growth by a much needed 0.33%, create 175,000 jobs and crucially not harm Treasury revenues.

It's time to end this highway robbery, scrap the further 3pence rise and get the economy moving again.

To lend your support to the cross-party campaign, and to see if your MP has signed up to support the SNP clause to scrap the 3 pence fuel duty, visit