Tories going for bronze

No ambition for themselves no ambition for Scotland says SNP MSP

An SNP MSP has commented on the admission from the Scottish Tories that the bronze medal is the best they can hope for at the council elections in the Olympics year.

At the launch of the Tory council election campaign in Edinburgh today, leader Ruth Davidson said she could not turn the party's electoral fortunes around overnight and that third place – just ahead of their own coalition partners the Lib Dems - would be the party’s aim.

Kenneth Gibson MSP said that the Tory hopes in the May elections mirrored their lack of ambition for Scotland.

The MSP for Cunninghame North said:

"Ruth Davidson and the Tories in Scotland clearly don’t understand the hopes and aspirations of the people of Scotland – they have failed to put forward any positive case for voting Tory.

"Aiming to stagger past the Lib Dems and come third shows the Tories have no ambition for themselves and no ambition for Scotland.

"Going for bronze ahead of the discredited Lib Dems is a pitiful plan. The people who live in this country know that the Tories have failed to learn their lessons from previous electoral defeats and will rightly once again reject the Tories at the polling booth on May 3."

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