MSP seeks debate on beach radiation

Annabelle Ewing MSP is seeking a debate in the Scottish Parliament regarding the latest radioactive find at a beach in Dalgety Bay.

The Scottish National Party’s Ms Annabelle Ewing MSP, Member of the Scottish Parliament representing Mid Scotland & Fife, is seeking a debate in the Scottish Parliament regarding the latest radioactive find at a beach in Dalgety Bay.

Revelations emerged after the Sunday Herald reported that scientists from the MoD refused to analyse radioactive contamination from Dalgety Bay because of the risk it could give them cancer.

The MoD has been resisting pressure to pay for a clean-up of the pollution from old military planes for the last 20 years, and playing down the possible health effects for members of the public – however official minutes from a meeting in 2009 reveal MoD scientist have concerns over the contamination.

Speaking today (Monday) Ms Ewing said:

“The UK government has an absolute obligation to put right this wrong and it could be said that Gordon Brown, as local MP, could and should have had this fixed during his years as Prime Minister.

“I have lodged a motion in the Scottish Parliament to try and secure a debate on this important issue.

“I was outraged to learn from minutes of the Dalgety Bay Risk Assessment Group meeting, that MoD scientists argued against SEPA’s call for radioactive particles from the beach to be properly analysed, with the same set of minutes recording that MoD analysts were ‘not particularly keen to work with these samples due to concerns over dose rates from high-activity samples.’

“The Ministry of Defence owes action and answers to the people of Dalgety Bay over these shocking revelations that contradict assurances over the seriousness of this hazard and its possible consequences for public health.

“They MoD must accept their obligation to locate the sources of this contamination, deliver on a new plan to remove all sources of contamination without further delay and enable unrestricted and safe access to be restored to the Dalgety Bay waterfront.”

Rosyth councillor Cllr. Douglas Chapman has been campaigning on the issue and echoed the call for the MoD to step up to the plate regarding the latest radioactive find at a beach in Dalgety Bay, saying:

“We’ve had reports to the South West Fife Area Committee in the past and the MoD have always claimed that it was difficult for them to assess exactly the source of the radioactive contamination. Given the seriousness of this latest find, the MoD must invest the necessary resources in locating the source and step up to the plate by clearing up their radioactive rubbish.

“It will cost a lot of money and I will be asking that the Area Committee call SEPA and the MoD back in to present a further report which will explain how they intend to step up to the plate and get this public safety issue fixed once and for all.

“The Area Committee also needs to look at how we can put further political pressure on the MOD and the British government to make sure they increase their efforts and get the job done to protect our citizens.”